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Bike parker rack good for 6 bikes

for sale and renting

This Bike Parker is designed for big and small events
and offers a temporary and safe place for your bike.
  • Weight: 22kg, dimensions 2,20 m. width op 1,11 m. height.
  • Standard hot galvanised.
  • Stackable.
  • Thanx to the drive-in frame you can close your bike.
  • Structured bike park system.
  • Wheelholders have horizontal bottomframe, also for ATB.
    • "SPIREX" fully around the tubeframe to prevent damage to the bikes.
    • Signalisation banner P and bikelogo possible.
Arrangement of the bikeparker according to your needs with the foreseen hook-in system.

Ideal solution for all temporary bike parkings.

bikeparker trailer with 50 racks, good for 300 bike parkings

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