Steenstraat 94
8501 BE-Kortrijk


Metasol presents itself mainly in the furniture and bicycle industry, Fenders, bars, chain guards for bikes have been taken in production in the early years 2000, and with innovative production processes, new methodes, new machines, we have managed to excel in the first assembly of bikes.
The name "METASOL" (metal solution) don't need any explanation. For the furniture industry we are mainly supplier of several corner, profile, plate and tubeconstructions.


At the end of the eighties the brothers Depoortere took over MAPO and DEPSY which resulted in a new company called "METASOL". The early focus was mainly in the bicycle industry. Companies like FLANDRIA and other production companies of bicycles were the most important customers. The years that followed, there was also a major supply in other branches like the furniture industry which had a need of a supplier of metal, stainless steel and aluminum.


That our company is innovative doesn't need any explanation anymore. METASOL has been nominated with the BEST PATENTED INOVATION in 2009 with our "BIKEPARKER" We also have been nominated for the INDUSTRY AWARDS in 2010 for our reflecting mudguards. (safety) End 2013 we started with a new mudguard called "STREAMLINE, a innovative, design, tight but very elegant mudguard.


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